Meet the Female Founder Behind Monty West's

Meet the Female Founder Behind Monty West's

Let us introduce ourselves! What better way to relaunch our website than with a little introduction of all things Monty West’s? While some of you have been here from the start, our little brand is constantly growing and we’re always happy to welcome new cowboys and cowgirls into the herd. To fully introduce you to who we are and what we do, we thought we’d interview founder Rebecca to give you all the best insights into Monty West's...
Tell us about your business - how and when did you start Monty West's?
“Monty West’s started in September 2020 just 3 weeks after the birth of my second child, Monty John. My outside bar business had been put on hold due to the Covid pandemic and I was getting restless looking for something to get my teeth into. I decided an online business would work well because I could focus on it from home while caring for my children but I also knew it needed to be something I was passionate about. Having grown up on a farm and always involved in the agricultural industry, I know what it means to be a female farmer so I based my ideas around this. After some research it seemed there was a bit of a gap in the market for quality women’s workwear that was not only hardwearing and suitable for the farm, but also looked good and didn’t make you feel like a sack of potatoes! I’m certainly no clothing expert but it didn’t take me too long to source some local companies that could help me produce quality clothing with a Monty West’s twist.”

What makes Monty West’s different?

“Everything we do at Monty West’s is based around our support for British farming. Monty West’s HQ is based on a working hill farm in the North Pennines but while we can close our office doors to the cold, harsh northern weather, our farmers are out there every day caring for livestock and maintaining our stunning countryside. We care about the next generation of hardworking rural communities so, while our focus is to provide clothes that you’ll want to wear year after year on the yard and in the pub, our beliefs rest firmly in supporting our customers. We go out of our way to ensure our products are ready to head out across the country and will always try to assist if you need an order quickly or if you have any issues or questions. We know how annoying it can be to order clothes online, only to find they don’t fit – especially in rural locations where the local post office only opens for a couple of hours a week. For that reason, we provide clear size guides, respond quickly to queries and can even arrange for you to call into Monty West’s HQ to try on any of our products.”

Is there a meaning behind the name?

“I get a lot of questions about the brand name; most people assume Monty West’s is the name of a person. In fact, Monty West’s is the combination of two names that hold a lot of meaning for me. When building a brand that I was passionate about, I knew the name had to be something personal. ‘Monty’ is the name of my son who was born just before I started the brand. While ‘West’s’ is included in the names of three farms that are dear to me – the farm I grew up on as a child and where my parents still live now, the farm where Monty West’s was first set-up and where my brother lives and works and finally the farm I now live on with my family and where Monty West’s HQ is located.”

What does Monty West’s mean to you, what does it stand for?

How do you decide which products to launch next?

Why do you think it’s important to back British farming?

“Farming forms the backbone of Britain. From rolling arable fields to the wild moorlands home to the hardiest sheep; our landscape would not be the same without our farmers. Farmers are the groundkeepers of the British countryside, which is an amazing part of the world and home to many unique habitats. My dad always said “if a British farmer gets a cold, the country gets the flu” and it’s true. I think it’s far too easy to take our farmers for granted but for generations they have provided for our country and I hope they will be able to do so for many more years to come.”

What does farming and the countryside mean to you, has it always played a part in your life?

“I grew up on a farm where I spent years roaming the fields and exploring in sheds. My dad is also a contractor so as I got older I helped out with that side of the business. This gave me the chance to experience other farming practices beyond what we had at home. Luckily I’ve always enjoyed living on a farm as I moved from one to the next to begin a family. Now with two children of my own, I love being able to share my love for farming and the countryside.”

What are your plans for Monty West’s in the next 3 years?

“As our little herd grows we’ll continue to use our name to help encourage and champion rural communities. The past couple of years have been a huge learning curve and, of course, we’ve made a few mistakes but we keep trying and developing. As we get more comfortable with designing and selling products, we’d love to be able to put more focus on spreading the word of our hardworking customers. Male, female, young or old – the agricultural industry is full of challenges and these seem to be ever increasing. We’d love to use our platform to support those working in agriculture and shout about the amazing things they’re doing. Monty West’s is more than just a clothing brand, we’re a family that proves that good things come from hard work.”

What words do you live by/do you have any words of advice?

“Cowgirls don’t care for excuses”. Whatever you do in life there are no excuses and you should never let anyone get in your way – if you want something passionately enough, go out and work hard. One day it’ll be yours.”

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